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Rheumatology Reports Transcription, as a specialized medical transcription service, has been a long-offered service from TranscriptionStar. The relatively specialized nature of this form of transcription necessitates the backing of a world-class transcriptioning infrastructure and expertise. And this is exactly what you get from TranscriptionStar, one of the largest transcription companies in North America, serving more than 30 top medical service providers across the United States alone. Also, the service features we offer, give us an edge over other similar services. Our prices that are just 40% of what local US services charge and a turnaround time of just 12 hours are some of the features we take pride in offering.

The following are some of our other prominent service features:

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Free Trial Process:

Our free trial offer has duration of one week. Within this time, you can make full use of our services, testing us throughout on our transcribing expertise. Send across different types of recordings by different doctors. We shall get ourselves accustomed to the dictation style, accent and other factors pertaining to each doctor. This will jack up the accuracy of your transcripts.

Your transcripts will be dispatched to you for verification. We expect you to return those transcripts with corrections and clarifications.

Rheumatology Reports Transcription Types:

Our Rheumatology reports transcription service comprises the transcription for consult notes, surgery reports, x-ray reports, follow-up notes etc.

About Rheumatology:

Rheumatology is concerned with the study of the diseases of the joints and the connective tissue.

Rheumatology Reports Transcription Pricing

Hassle Free Upload Upload files for transcribing in simple clicks. It takes less than a minute to upload audio/video recordings of any volume to us.

All Inclusive

$0.99/ Minute

Turn Around Time We understand that there's no one size fits all solution. Flexible and client centred TAT options that will help you beat deadlines.
Integrations iTranscript has been integrated with major platforms like WordPress, YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox, well, the list is endless.
Output Formats Clients of TranscriptionStar can download their transcripts in 15+ file formats.
Interactive Player Get access to a snazzy interactive video player that auto-syncs the audio content of your video with your transcript
Closed Caption Player Free closed captioning player. Upload videos to our captioning player and get perfect captions

Transcript Templates

Do you want your transcript in a specific format/template? TranscriptionStar offers a wide range of templates to choose from. Receive your transcripts in templates of your choice.

We, custom design templates for our clients, as well. Fill out this form to get your transcript in the template style you prefer.

Client Review

"We at Innosight turn to TranscriptionStar again and again.The folks there are really Transcription stars.Extremely responsible,reliable and have fast turnaround with excellent results"

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"TranscriptionStar is a great resource for any producer need quick and accurate interview Transcript,at a fair price.I am very happy to have found a company that excels at this specialized services"

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Client Review2

"TranscriptionStar Provides Excellent Transcription Tools for film documentaries.Its online streamlines the process of obtaining accurate,timecoded interview transcripts that are critical to the story ending process"

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