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Case studies

The following is a list of case studies that will give you an insight into the various transcription demands placed upon us and the solutions that we came up with:

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Research Interviews-A Case Study

Not every detail in the recording matters!

It was another hectic day at Transcriptionstar when we received a call from Michelle Jason, a research student who needed a verbatim transcript of her research interviews. Nothing out of the ordinary as we usually receive requests for verbatim transcription services, except that our client sounded unusually stressed. She said she'd mail a long list of do's and don'ts as her previous outing was far from pleasant.

A transcript that had more coughs than words

We assured Michelle that we could provide her just the transcript she needed, without her wasting her time on a long mail. She told us that the last time she wanted a verbatim transcript of her recording it contained more irrelevant audio details and brackets than words. Which rendered the transcript almost unreadable and a very frustrated Michelle called up the transcriber only to be told she should have given clear instructions.

"I wonder how a cough or a sniffle can be an important part of a conversation, and everytime I stuttered or made a false start it was mentioned as well. And I found a lot many hmmmms in the transcript and was left to wonder why and in what context they were spoken in. So I ended up listening to the recording all over again just to make sense of my transcript."

Audio Transcription
Audio Transcription

We understand false starts don't matter

Nobody likes being reminded of their mistakes and definitely not after paying money to a transcriber. At Transcriptionstar, before taking up any project for verbatim transcription we discuss with the client if they specifically need false starts or other verbal tics in the conversation to be transcribed.

We edit out, unless requested to, any verbal tic that does not make sense or alter the meaning of the recording in anyway. Certainly like Michelle found out much to her consternation, coughs don't convey much except the fact that somebody coughed during the recording .

A sigh of relief

After we sent Michelle Jason, a sample of our verbatim transcript, she was thrilled to bits as it was exactly what she was looking for! She also appreciated the fact that hmmms were not mere hmmms in the transcript but we had mentioned clearly whether it was in agreement or in acknowledgement.

Another memorable call!

At Transcriptionstar we receive mails from happy and satisfied clients but few of them call on our number to say thank you. So when Michelle called us thanking us for the ' perfect transcript' and promised us that she'd call us anytime she needed to transcribe dissertation or research interview recordings, we were more than delighted to hear from her again.

We delivered a precise, speaker identified, verbatim transcript to Travis within a week and now transcribe all the Click here to open this file in a PDF format or right click to save this file.

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