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The Reasons Why Working With Us Is A Natural Choice For Many!

Transcriptionstar has managed to hold its own against stiff competition, and retain the top slot for over a decade. It takes diligence, hard work, and a great team who don't mind putting in extra hours, to reach the top. But to stay there, and have an edge over the rest, we need to offer and provide a lot more.

And, that is exactly what we do! Apart from a transcript you don't have to waste time proofreading, there are a lot more good things in store for you.

Here Are The 10 Main Advantages Of Working With Us

  • Not everybody can afford to hire a sound studio. If your audio recording is not of broadcast quality, we understand and provide an accurate transcript nevertheless.
  • Now you no longer have to put up with vague categories and outrageous charges. We categorize your audio quality based on consistent and transparent standards and never overcharge our clients.
  • We have no working hours. You can call us anytime for your transcription needs and we'd be there for you. The other major plus of working with a 24x7 firm is that your transcripts are delivered a lot quicker.
  • Our transcription services are available for all fields, domains, and audio formats! Analog tapes, dvds, audio cassettes, and recordings in any digital audio format such as Mp3, wav, dss, wma, can be sent to us for accurate audio transcription services.
  • You can rely on us not just for audio to text transcription services but also for captioning and subtitling services. We use sophisticated vtr and character generators for our subtitles, and, caption recorded and live, streaming videos.
  • Media professionals finally have a firm to offer time stamping and time coding services precisely. We offer time codes present in the video, if required. We also offer speaker identified transcripts.
  • Highly customized services come with shocking price tags but at Transcriptionstar every service we offer is client friendly including the prices. Ask for customized transcripts or specific document formats without losing sleep over your bill!
  • Every word of audio data we receive is assured of the highest confidentiality and data security.
  • It is a fast paced world and a minute saved is an hour gained! Our turnaround times are consistently quick and meet all requirements and deadlines.
  • Transcriptionstar has become the byword for affordable audio transcription services. Our prices can save you 40% of your operational costs.

Avail Of Happy Gifts Even If It Isn't Christmas Time!

The best advantage we offer could well be the numerous cost saving offers we provide. We provide discounts on bulk volumes of work. If you have 20+ hours of audio recording, slash down your costs by more than 10%. If you like us and refer our services, we will give you a referral discount, and one more reason for liking us even more. Avail of cool group discounts as well.

For a lot more advantages call 1-877-323-4707.


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iTranscript Features

Want to receive a perfect transcript in a few clicks?

iTranscript is a transcription platform that can make recieving a transcript a breeze. Upload, download, edit and communicate with transcribers. All within a single, secure application.

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Transcript Templates

Do you want your transcript in a specific format/template? Transcriptionstar offers a wide range of templates to choose from. Receive your transcripts in templates of your choice.

We, custom design templates for our clients, as well. Fill out this form to get your transcript in the template style you prefer.

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"We at Innosight turn to transcriptionstar again and again.The folks there are really Transcription stars.Extremely responsible,reliable and have fast turnaround with excellent results"

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"Transcriptionstar is a great resource for any producer need quick and accurate interview Transcript,at a fair price.I am very happy to have found a compant that excels at this specialized services"

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"Transcriptionstar Provides Excellent Transcription Tools for flim documentries.Its online streamlines the process of obtaining accurate,timecoded interview transcripts that are critical to the story ending process"

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