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One On One Interview Transcription

One to one interview transcription services at awesome prices! And the quickest TAT bargain you could ever get

We've all have faced, and a lucky few of us have conducted one to one interviews, at some point in our lives. A one to one interview is a vital component of every field on earth, from a university campus in New York, to a plush office in Manhattan. How do we know?

At Transcriptionstar though our interview transcription services covers the whole spectrum and includes transcribing services for all recorded interviews, it is transcription requests for one to one interviews we receive most frequently. Our one to one interview transcription services are widely sought after, by business firms for job interviews, educational institutions for academic interviews. And, the first choice for journalistic interviews and research interviews!


What makes our one to one interview transcription services click!

Transcriptionstar provides one to one transcribing services that can accommodate any volume of transcribing work, from any field or industry, in any digital recording format! And these are, you'd surely agree, 3 good reasons to work with us.

Transcriptionstar also offers technical support. And if you have your head in a tizzy wondering how to compress large audio files and send it across as a Leapfile to us or worried about converting your files into the Mp3 format, you can turn to us.

Free conversion into the MP3 format and a few other good things!

We offer to convert your audio files that belong to lesser used audio recording formats into the more widely used MP3 format, free of cost. We are there for you 24x7 on all days and provide a perfect and exact text transcript of your one to one interviews. Our one to one interview transcription services, is also priced in such a way that you'd be smiling when you pay us.

Turn around time packages that are consistently swift

Transcriptionstar offers turn around time deals that are designed to suit your convenience and needs. And you can avail of flexible turn around time options and get your transcripts at any timeframe you want to, right from the standard 48 hours to the mind numbingly fast 2 hours!

Refer our interview transcription services and get delightful discounts!

If your friends or peers need to transcribe one to one interviews and you recommend our services to them we are not the only one who are going to be happy you did! To share our warmth, happiness and gratitude, we can offer you heavy discounts on our already light on the pocket interview transcription charges.

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Turnaround Time


Do you want your transcripts super-quick? Our TAT options are the answer.

iTranscript Features

Want to receive a perfect transcript in a few clicks?

iTranscript is a transcription platform that can make recieving a transcript a breeze. Upload, download, edit and communicate with transcribers. All within a single, secure application.

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Transcript Templates

Do you want your transcript in a specific format/template? Transcriptionstar offers a wide range of templates to choose from. Receive your transcripts in templates of your choice.

We, custom design templates for our clients, as well. Fill out this form to get your transcript in the template style you prefer.

Client Review

"We at Innosight turn to transcriptionstar again and again.The folks there are really Transcription stars.Extremely responsible,reliable and have fast turnaround with excellent results"

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"Transcriptionstar is a great resource for any producer need quick and accurate interview Transcript,at a fair price.I am very happy to have found a compant that excels at this specialized services"

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"Transcriptionstar Provides Excellent Transcription Tools for flim documentries.Its online streamlines the process of obtaining accurate,timecoded interview transcripts that are critical to the story ending process"

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