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Captioning Ooyala Videos

You have stored/uploaded a lot of videos to your Ooyala account? You are looking for a company to transcribe them too? But, you sure would want to avoid the hassles of upload and download, wouldn't you? Well then, you are at the right place.

Yes, TranscriptionStar's brand new & secure web portal has all the features you would like to have, and it is effortless to use.

We have customized an API key suitable for Ooyala users, where the platform/portal itself guides you throughout the process. It is automated, requiring just a few inputs from you; you are in total control of your choices including different TATs, time-coding, language translations, etc.

This automated process changes the way you get transcripts/captions for your Ooyala videos. Via the portal/platform your videos can be imported directly (from Ooyala) to your TranscriptionStar account, then transcribed/captioned while you monitor the status. When the completed files are available you can be downloaded in the formats that you want.

(Transcription formats such as .txt, .doc, .xls, etc. and captioning formats such as.srt, .smi, .cap and more.)

So, like to give us a try, now!

By having a TranscriptionStar account you can experience volume pricing, interactive player, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. We provide accurate transcripts of your Ooyala videos.

  • There are no smoky mirrors at TranscriptionStar. Please use our cost calculator to know what your transcription rates would be. For further queries please give us a call at 877 323 4707.

  • No. Enjoy the time saving benefits of working with a platform that's integrated with Ooyala without paying for it.

  • Our captioning experts offer perfect captions of your Ooyala videos.

  • We have several years of experience in working with the Ooyala platform. So no worries on that count!

  • No. Free trial cannot be extended once the specified trial period is over.

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Client Review

"We at Innosight turn to transcriptionstar again and again.The folks there are really Transcription stars.Extremely responsible,reliable and have fast turnaround with excellent results"

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"Transcriptionstar is a great resource for any producer need quick and accurate interview Transcript,at a fair price.I am very happy to have found a compant that excels at this specialized services"

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"Transcriptionstar Provides Excellent Transcription Tools for flim documentries.Its online streamlines the process of obtaining accurate,timecoded interview transcripts that are critical to the story ending process"

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