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Are you a frequent uploader of videos to YouTube or Vimeo? Or say, you have lots of audio files uploaded to SoundCloud?

If so, you might have often required the services of transcription specialists, to get your files transcribed [whatever they may be; interviews, podcasts, researches, thesis, seminars, business conferences, medical dictations, legal recordings, video captioning, radio/TV shows, etc.] - either for user convenience, marketing/SEO purposes or purely due to mandatory reasons.

But, whatever the factor, isn't it a time-intensive task to repeatedly upload your files all over again to the transcribers (when you have already upload them to the primary websites as well, like YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.)?

A quick snapshot of iTranscript

To bridge that gap, we at TranscriptionStar introduce a dedicated transcription platform iTranscript, which is developed to be that source of information for you. Know everything about your transcript at each point of time. Get to know all the features of the platform here.

The freedom of integration:

To, give you that freedom and to simplify your transcription experience, iTranscript introduces API integration within its platform.

With this integration you do not have to upload your files to us anymore. Simply linking your external accounts (such as, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.) with iTranscript would be totally enough.

Through your linked accounts, we can get the transcripts prepared for your contents directly from the source! Thus, altogether skipping the additional uploading processes...


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