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It was a hot summer's day in April, when Nichol Jackson, mailed us. We mailed him our prices and also sent a link of our Transcriptionstar calculator. He called us the next day to tell us he'd calculated the costs and was happy with what he saw. He sent the webinar recording through the password protected, individual ftp account assigned to him.

Although we offer transcribing services for webinars, this request was particularly challenging as it involved a live webinar call in session well. And trying to transcribe crackling phone lines can be a nerve wracking experience. As the webinar recording wasn't very clear either, Nichol was a tad apprehensive about the quality of the transcript.

But we know being good at your job is only going to take you that far. To go further you need to be the best at it. We promised Nichol Jackson and ourselves, that the transcript of his webinar would be perfect and of the finest quality. Our transcription team, despite the stifling heat and a recording that one had to strain to hear, put in an extra hour to identify the speakers of the webinar, and the participants of the chat session and of course to deliver a flawless transcript.

And, Nichol Jackson was happy not only of the accurate transcript of the webinar but was pleasantly surprised that we'd not left a single blank in the hardly audible call-in session. As the senior financial analyst of a major financial services firm in Wall Street, he conducts webinars regularly and always but always dials our number when he needs to transcribe them.