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Case Study

Know how we helped a podcast production company automate its transcription process.

The person behind this story…

Mick Garcia is the owner of a boutique podcast production company. From producing intros to providing feed management services, the company helps podcasters "sound their best". It is one of the busiest podcast production companies in California.

The challenge

Their biggest problem? "Transcribing podcasts. It involves a lot of heavy lifting. Most of our customers request for complete podcast transcripts and show notes. These are, one of our most sought after additional podcast services. We receive hundreds of podcasts every month in our Sound Cloud account. Selecting and sending across audio files is a huge task. And then begins the convoluted process of following up on them", he complained.

His biggest worries…

  • Transcription delays
  • Coordinating with transcribers
  • Time spent on uploading and downloading files

The solution

iTranscript- Smart and secure transcription platform

iTranscript is an application that makes the transcription process quicker and easier.

How it works.

How it works.

  • Users fill out TAT requirements and specify the category their file falls under after signing up for an iTranscript account.
  • iTranscript can be interfaced with all major, online file sharing and storage platforms.
  • Transcribers can log in to the site/platform/ of users, download files and begin the transcription process.
  • Editing options are available. Transcripts can be edited and downloaded.

And it made a world of difference to Mick's studio…

"I've used the API key of iTranscript to integrate my SoundCloud account with iTranscript. My transcribers at Transcriptionstar, download files and start working on them, it just works wonderfully for everybody concerned", says Mick. "The interactive transcripts are definitely a great add-on. I've impressed my clients by delivering interactive transcripts of their podcasts", he smiles.

"Now I longer stress about whether I've sent podcasts for transcription or spend several hours every week uploading and downloading stuff. It's been of immense help. I remember being slightly apprehensive when Mark wanted me to try it out but now I wonder how I managed all these years without iTranscript", he adds.

The benefits

At a busy podcast production company that is fast scaling up to take on bigger projects, every minute matters. By working with iTranscript Mick's studio saved several hours every week. And those hours were spent on marketing and innovation rather than on mailing transcribers. It has reduced overall transcribing costs, shortened the transcription cycle and automated the transcription process.

"iTranscript is doing a lot for us. It has enabled our team to focus on important, pressing issues because we know that completed transcripts would be there anytime we need them. It gives us all a collective sense of relief and freedom. Now I can just request for and receive a transcript on my iPhone. It cannot get better than this!" says Mick.

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