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  • TranscriptionStar makes an assessment of the quality of recording on receiving our clients audio/video file, and declare the transcription category. Pricing, TAT and quality are according to the transcription category. Click here for the audio category classification. C category audio is transcribed at client's risk and TranscriptionStar may demand full upfront payment for C category audios.
  • TranscriptionStar requires that clients pay 50% of the estimated bill or a token advance of 25% as decided by TranscriptionStar. For further clarification do please call 1-877- 323-4707. And furnish all contact details such as Tel: Num:-Mobile and Landline/Alternate e-mail ID if any or any other relevant contact details, this is to keep our lines of communication always open.
  • Invoices are raised and payment is due within 10 days of invoice date. Discrepancies, if any, should be reverted within 3 to 5 days of the invoice date.
  • TranscriptionStar's invoices are payable by the respective client entities not the individual who represents the client.
  • Quality delivered by TranscriptionStar during No Obligation Trial is the indication of quality. Transcription assumes that sample audio material submitted is the best representation of the lot.
  • Under no circumstances will TranscriptionStar accept "Master" or "Original" source tapes or materials. Client hereby acknowledge that the source materials submitted to TranscriptionStar, be it VHS, DVD, miniDV, DVCAM, Audio Cassette, or any other type of media, are of zero ($0.00) commercial value.
  • TranscriptionStar shall not be held liable for any loss or destruction of materials submitted by client, including but not limited to, losses incurred in the return shipping of sources back to client.
  • Client accepts that occasionally there will be unavoidable inaccuracies due to poor audio quality, obscure regional slang or dialect, unfamiliar proper names and nouns and in rare occasions, may be due to human negligence.
  • Transcription services rendered by TranscriptionStar do not include any research or proofing to determine the correct spelling of proper nouns, geographical locations, technical jargon or slang. The client also acknowledges that spoken word is often very distinct from proper grammar. In particular, most people talk in run-on sentences, as such TranscriptionStar will make a good faith effort to determine when one sentence ends and the next begins. However, client must accept that this is a judgment call and must agree that TranscriptionStar will make no effort to correct grammar or proof-read material for grammar.
  • Any claims of defect by the client must be submitted within 7 days of the completed transcript being forwarded to the e-mail account the client specified when establishing an account with TranscriptionStar.
  • TranscriptionStar does offer rush services (hereinafter "Rush Service") defined as transcription performed within 2 to 12 hours at 30% to 100% premium of receipt of Source Materials from client. However, there is a limitation to how much Rush Service Source materials can be handled at any given time. Client agrees to contact TranscriptionStar in advance of submitting any materials for Rush Service. TranscriptionStar accepts Rush TAT service at client's risk and failing to deliver within timeframe the premium will not be charged.
  • Transcription services carried out on all NATIONAL HOLIDAYS will be charged extra. Do please call us at 1 877 323 4707 for clarification.

TranscriptionStar reserves the right to change these Terms of Service from time to time. TranscriptionStar will post said modified Terms of Service to its web-site.



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