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Technical Transcription

Technical Transcription Services

Technical transcription is a specialized form of transcription used by technology verticals and related professionals such as marketing research outfits whose clients are in the technology business. These companies are in need of technical transcription services in their various activities such as human factors engineering, user interface research and marketing research.

Specializing in technical transcription requires up-to-the-minute familiarity with technical terminology. The main users of technical transcription services are companies involved in technology (computer, communications, Industrial), marketing research, corporate marketing, medical marketing research and advertising companies. Many marketing research firms have clients in the general consumer market space that may also engage our transcription services.

We offer technical transcription service at an affordable cost and we have specialist teams led by subject matter experts.

High degree of Accuracy:

Our technical transcription process maintains a high degree of accuracy by thoroughly gathering relevant source material and supporting data before going into the process of technical transcription.

Our specially trained workforce will combine accuracy and efficiency in ensuring you. That your technical transcriptions are unmatched by other companies.

Our association with many NASDAQ listed and Fortune 500 companies. Just adds to our claim of being experts in most areas of transcription service requirement.

Here are few clients, who are using our Technical Transcription service for your reference

  • Affymetix Inc.(AFFX)
  • Forward Observer
  • Oncology Inc.(OI)

Time Stamping/Coding:

Time Stamping is a critical requirement in Television program based transcription needs. According to the customer specification, we satisfy different time stamping standards.

  • Frequency of time coding
  • Subjective time stamping
  • Audio time code style

How much it Costs? 12 USD to 14 Per Hour!

Price is very competitive at Transcription Star. We charge 10 USD to 12 per hour depending on the Audio Classification category. We operate our exclusive delivery facility from India apart from our California office. Our pricing and Turn Around Time advantages are appreciated by all of our customers. Our pricing method is one of the best in the industry.

How de we do the Audio Classification?

We classify the Audio source by following categories:

Category - A

Category - B

  • Group Discussions
  • Telephone Recordings
  • Open air Recordings
  • Multiple Speakers
  • Recordings with background noise
  • Recorded with Armature Recording devices
  • ESL Speakers (English as Second Language)
  • Subjective Transcription
  • Focus Group Sessions
  • Work Place Interviews
  • Court Depositions
  • Technical Subject Matter
  • Recordings with improper mike attachment
  • Standard Time Stamping
  • Client Specific Formatting

Category - C

  • Multiple speakers with indiscernible voice overlapping
  • Constant Background noise or music
  • Tough Foreign Accent
  • Detective Recordings
  • Extraordinary Formatting specifications (MS Excel, web browser based applications)

Here is how Cost Estimate done!

We charge 10 USD to 12 per hour depending on the category of Audio. Our rates are calculated according to the effort involved for each category.

Bulk Discounts:

We offer significant cost savings up to 10 to 15% for bulk work. Customers with good volume and consistency can avail this offer.

Here is how Effort Estimation done!

In general Category - A should take 4 to 5 Hours of effort to transcribe, proofread and edit, besides final Quality Check.

Category - B should take 5 to 6 Hours of effort to transcribe, proofread and edit, besides final Quality Check.

How you can get free Trail done?

Final pricing is arrived by a No Obligation Trial. You can upload trial audio at

How to outsource Non Digital - Tapes, VHS, Micro Cassettes?

We handle variety of Standard Tapes, Micro cassettes, MiniDVs, and VHS. We are experts in converting all types of non digital source audio/video into digital. Converted digital files are then sent for transcription. Extra charges are applicable for non digital to digital conversion.

How do we accept payment?

Paying for service has never been so easy. At Transcriptionstar, We accept all the familiar and easy payment

Credit Card

You can pay at our website on receipt of our Invoice . We accept all major credit cards.

If you use our service regularly, you can authorize us to process payment from your credit card. We will require your Card #, In whose NAME the card is registered, and Expiry date..

Pay Check

You can post pay checks to our California office. Address link Scanned copy of the pay check should be emailed to us for our records.


We accept PayPal.

All payments made through Pay Pal OR Google Checkout carries a service charge of 2%.

Please Note:

Transcriptionstar requires that non-corporate and individual clients pay 25% of the estimated bill as a token advance which is entirely up to the discretion of Transcriptionstar. For further clarification do please call 1 877 323 4707. And furnish all contact details such as Tel: Num:-Mobile and Landline/Alternate e-mail ID if any or any other relevant contact details, this is to keep our lines of communication always open.

Transcription services carried out on all NATIONAL HOLIDAYS and week ends will be charged extra. Do please call us at 1 877 323 4707 for clarification.

File types we accept...

Preferable digital format is MP3.

We accept all the familiar audio and video types. It is always better to let us know what recording device and model is used to record. It will help us to use appropriate software to play and transcribe.

Upload Instructions

Our system can handle up to 1 GB at a time. But, it is advisable to limit between 100 to 150 MB per file. We recommend compressing using any zip applications and upload into our file server.

How to record interview and other sessions? Here is a complete Guide...

Getting quality transcription document practically finding its roots from recording it with best possible methods. Here is a best recording guideline resource.

Notations and Format

Unless until specified, we follow the below standard notations and document rules:

  • We transcribe verbatim. We type whatever heard including umms.. ahhs and pauses
  • Doubtful words will be marked (?) in the beginning and end part of the doubtful sentence
  • Times New Roman will be used as standard font
  • One to one interviews transcribed as question and answer format without identifying names
  • Indiscernible parts of audio are marked as (Indiscernible) in the transcript.
  • Time coding/Stamping done only upon request.
  • Nouns and Proper Nouns will be transcribed to the best of judgment, it is denoted by first letter in capital
  • We follow standard US spelling and style.



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Turnaround Time


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iTranscript Features

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iTranscript is a transcription platform that can make receiving a transcript a breeze. Upload, download, edit and communicate with transcribers. All within a single, secure application.

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Transcript Templates

Do you want your transcript in a specific format/template? TranscriptionStar offers a wide range of templates to choose from. Receive your transcripts in templates of your choice.

We, custom design templates for our clients, as well. Fill out this form to get your transcript in the template style you prefer.

Client Review

"We at Innosight turn to TranscriptionStar again and again.The folks there are really Transcription stars.Extremely responsible,reliable and have fast turnaround with excellent results"

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"TranscriptionStar is a great resource for any producer need quick and accurate interview Transcript,at a fair price.I am very happy to have found a company that excels at this specialized services"

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"TranscriptionStar Provides Excellent Transcription Tools for film documentaries.Its online streamlines the process of obtaining accurate,timecoded interview transcripts that are critical to the story ending process"

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