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About 8 months back one of our clients' office called us at about 11pm. Enquiring if we could help them retrieve a source video file that they had sent us about a couple of months earlier. They were in an urgent need of this source video, and since they couldn't track it down anywhere else they had come to us, with last hopes.

…but, what we offered them simply solved their worries within minutes!

So, what was that?

A quick snapshot of iTranscript

To bridge that gap, we at TranscriptionStar introduce a dedicated transcription platform iTranscript, which is developed to be that source of information for you. Know everything about your transcript at each point of time. Get to know all the features of the platform here.

Free retrieving process

But, before we discuss it, let's consider a few other possibilities of how this scenario could have been

Say, you have called up your transcription company on such a note; but, what if they simply didn't pick up your call? Well, it is an odd hour after all, isn't it?

Or even if the time was right, what if it was a work off, or a holiday?

Well, let's say we keep those aside, and they do pick up your call. Now, would they be taking effort to sincerely help you out here? Even if they do, will they be able to retrieve a file that was processed almost a year back? And, will they be able to do that before you run out of time? (Especially considering that most of the transcription companies use 3rd party portals to transfer files.)

Getting Back To Our Solution…

We maintain an archive of your files, both the source files and their corresponding transcripts in our database for 6 months to about a year's time period.

In the event that you want a copy of those, all you would have to do is; login to your secure iTranscript account, open up your file history and simply click-to-download your files. You can do that any number of times, and of course that's completely free. You can do that from anywhere, as long as you can login to your secure iTranscript account.

No more having to send emails to your transcription company and wait patiently for their replies, or call them up at odd hours of the day.

Your files are your convenience!

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