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Your transcripts are highlighted to sync with the audio content seamlessly.

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Type into the search bar and locate the word or phrase. And edit them.

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Choose from 8 different text formats to download your transcripts.

You Could Be Facing Any Of These!

Whether you are a regular user of transcription services, or someone who uses it once in a blue moon, you always want a service that's user-centric and comes with convenient solutions to common issues.

In that sense what's the significance of an "interactive" player to your transcription fineness?

Let's put it this way…

Your transcribers / the transcription company have delivered you the transcript. Now, you are excited to put it on your presentation which's about to go live.

But hold on, what do you see? Blank spaces amidst your transcripts

[Your transcription company has left blank spaces to denote illegible audio…and your need for editing it, is urgent.]

A quick snapshot of iTranscript

To bridge that gap, we at TranscriptionStar introduce a dedicated transcription platform iTranscript, which is developed to be that source of information for you. Know everything about your transcript at each point of time. Get to know all the features of the platform here.

A Solution That Understands You

Do you have time to access your audio/video? Would you be able to track down the fine details which your transcribers weren't able to grasp?

If you do have to do that, then do you have the right tools/player to run the files for transcription? Will it be easy for you to edit it without messing up the work?

Do you have the raw audio/video with you that you need for cross-referring? What if (you are away from you workspace and) need to deliver the 'complete' transcript to someone other than yourself?

Or, would you be trying to get in touch with your transcribers; via emails or telephone!

Would their customer care respond to you on time? And, in that case would you have enough time to wait for their emails?

Now, what would you do in a hurry?

Interactive Player Features & Highlights

  • The transcripts are time-synced with your audio/video file, such that simply dragging along the player's time-slider highlights the respective lines on your transcript content. And vice-versa.
  • You could also use "Select Blank" option to highlight all blank spaces without scuffling about.
  • Also, there is a search option to help you track specific sections by typing into it.
  • And when selected, the transcript is ready to be edited.
  • Basically all you have to do is, make appropriate amendments to the content (update the blanks), and click on Save!
  • Download it in the format that you prefer!
  • Now, your corrected transcript is ready for download.
  • The interactive player is a clean and functional design; you do not have to fiddle around with it. It's easy to use and makes fine editing & downloading a breeze.

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