8 Output File Formats

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Content Confidentiality

Top-notch physical and informational security of your data.

File Formats

Sometime you would want your transcripts in 'word' format, and another times in 'PDF' format.

In that sense what's the significance of an "interactive" player to your transcription fineness?

Sure, you could request your transcription company to deliver transcripts in a particular format, or even use online/offline tools to do the conversions yourself.

…the experience could either be straight forward or clumsy!

But, what if you simply didn't want to keep asking your transcription company for different formats?

Instead, what if you already had the options to download your transcripts in the format you want? Or better yet, download them in all the formats?

iTranscript gives you that freedom. You do not have to place requests every time you want a different file format anymore.

A quick snapshot of iTranscript

To bridge that gap, we at TranscriptionStar introduce a dedicated transcription platform iTranscript, which is developed to be that source of information for you. Know everything about your transcript at each point of time. Get to know all the features of the platform here.

We like to make our clients' experience as simple and comfortable as possible…

Considering that our clients had a variety of need when it came to formats, we made sure that these options were readily available to them and that they were easily accessible as well.

So, we had sorted out '8' different formats that were our clients' common requests and have made them available to all:

Word, PDF, Notepad, XL, PPT, XML, HTML5 (embed code) and…

While downloading your transcripts just select the format(s) you want and that's it… (It's a 'single click download' model that lets you grab the format you want in a jiffy.)

Content Confidentiality is never compromised:

Adding to convenience; downloading your files directly from iTranscript means your content confidentiality is never compromised. That is, exchanging sensitive contents across e-mails or unprotected 3rd party sites for formatting purposes could lead to data leakage.

"Researchers have found a weakness in Google's popular Android operating system that let them hack in to gmail accounts with 92% sucess rate"

…and this would prevent it.

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