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Your two A.M friend

Doctoral students certainly need a friend to fall back on during the trying days of working towards a doctorate. And, guess who's been that one friend students working on their dissertation always turn to, yes, the name is Transcription Star. Our toll free number has become the help line for students who are racing against the clock towards a doctorate and a promising future.

Every assurance is a promise we stand by

Our dissertation transcription services, is sought after by students from universities all over the United States. Recently we received a call from Emily, a student of the University of Philadelphia, who was buried under dozens of interview recordings and research material. With more than twenty hours of audio recordings, a noisy nephew and the stress of burning the midnight oil, she needed professional help without the price tag that it usually comes with.

We promised Emily that we'd work as quick as humanely possible and quoted a price that made her more than happy and delighted to sign up for our dissertation transcription services. She was happy that we surprised her with the completed transcripts at a turnaround time that she only hoped for but not stressed on. As always Transcription Star stood by its promise of being completely client centric!

We are a friend of her friends now!

There is no better and effective marketing campaign than a satisfied client who swears by you. Days after we transcribed Emily's audio recordings we got a call from a group of students who were her peers who had decided to work with us after hearing about the professionalism and swiftness of our services.

They were thrilled when we gave them a huge discount as a part of our "Group discount" offer. Transcription Star is now, almost the resident transcription services firm of the university.

We delivered a precise, speaker identified, verbatim transcript to Travis within a week and now transcribe all the Click here to open this file in a PDF format or right click to save this file.