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Dissertation Transcription

Transcriptionstar provides a helping hand to students in preparation of dissertation transcriptions providing top quality dissertation transcripts with expected turnaround times and prices that are 40% less than that of local transcription companies.We serve quality dissertation transcription services and thesis transcription services to assist the hapless student in achieving his academic goal. We offer special discounts for students and have special referral offers and group discounts to reduce the financial burden on students.

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Dissertation Transcription Service

Interview Transcription

At Transcriptionstar, we provide highly accurate interview transcription with quick turnaround times, affordable prices and exceptional customer care. You can send in your interview recordings in any format; digital (MP3 etc) or non digital (VHS cassettes etc.) and we will have the right solution for you.

We are No.1 top interview transcription service provider in North America. Our highly qualified and extensively trained staffs have immense experience in handling different types of interview transcription. This ensures that the interview recordings are transcribed into accurate text.

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Interview Transcription Services

Video Transcription

We provide video transcription services for any projects in any formats. We would urge all clients to use digital video recording format. We transcribe all verbatim like uhh.., ahh.., and etc. Submit your video recording on a VHS, DVD, or as .wmv or.avi file.

We at transcriptionstar will be returning your document in just matter of hours .Rush orders are also accepted. With our video recording tips our clients visual or audio quality speeds up the transcriptions turn around time

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MP3 Transcription

Our MP3 to text transcription is the most sought after transcription service provided by us. Our turnaround times (TAT) are flexible and suited to meet individual customer requirements. Our offices are located in California and we provide our mp3 transcription services all over the United States. We are in fact one of the most preferred transcription services provider in North America.

No matter what the length of your audio is, you can now upload it directly on our file server. We have a secure file transfer server, which ensures that your MP3 files are treated with complete confidentiality and security.

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Audio Transcription

Audio Transcriptions with excellent Turnaround time and Reduced rate is the three-point excellence policy followed at transcriptionstar. Since our inception in 2004, we have handled scores of Audio transcriptions. Our vast experience has made us front runners in terms of quality and timely product

Audio Transcription Service refers to the conversion of recorded Audio matter into Text. The audio matter can be in digital formats (MP3, WAV etc) or non digital formats (VHS cassettes etc).

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Transcribing Audio

We Automate the Transcription Process, not our Service

Experienced transcription team to ensure perfect transcripts.
Smart automation (iTranscript) to quicken workflows.


iTranscript- The smarter way to transcribe.

Platforms already integrated with iTranscript!

This is what our clients have to say about us

I've used TranscriptionStar for years, and I love them.They're quick, responsible,they catch problems in my recordings that I didn't even catch myself and their transcriptions are fantastic.

Barry Joseph

TranscriptionStar is absolutely "The Best".I send-in my transcripts materials and before you know,they turned it around.They are on time.They are fast.They are friendly.They're the best.Use them.

Oren Rudavsky
Video Production Company, Newyork

TranscriptionStar is transcribing all of my interview audio at one dollar a minute per interview.I continue to play the piano and drink red wine while TranscriptionStar does all of the heavy lifting.

Slavik Boyechko
Post Production Company, Alaska

I've been using TranscriptionStar for many interviews that I have done for my project and I am pretty happy with the overall quality and the turnover time.So, thank you for your helpand good luck, thank you.

Xianglong Zhu
Healthcare Consultant, San francisco

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