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Transcription Service for Dartmouth College:


Generia is a PhD research student of the Dartmouth College, focusing on criminal psychology. As a part of her studies she accomplishes lots of field interviews with victims, criminals, medical practitioners, psychiatrists, and police officials at areas of crime, prisons, hospitals and many more. Like any other research student, Generia accumulates all her records and interviews through some audio recorder or iPhone and shortly make use of them for her research.

The Actual Challenge:

Mingled with the anxiety of a student and complexity of the research topic, Generia at the end of the day piles up with huge volumes of interview recordings. As a result of this, she is forced to spend a large amount of time in transcribing her interviews by herself. This on the other hand puts off Generia from moving ahead in her research studies and results. Being a student and not a trained transcriber, it consumed valuable time to transcribe her recordings. Conversely the cost to hire a practiced transcriber with an ideal level of precision was far above the ground for a student.

In the case of this Dartmouth student, the interview timing was mostly unpredictable. Organizing a perfect timing with well surrounded recording systems and eminent gadgets were impossible. Every time it was at short notice. It was at that time, she came in contact with TranscriptionStar through one of her friends named Sarah, from a different university.

Transcription Services For Dartmouth College

TranscriptionStar is not new to serving the candidates from Dartmouth College. In the recent year the company has provided large volumes of transcription services for the students of Dartmouth College. Well versed at the style guide of the university, we offer transcription services to hundreds of university students in a year helping them submit their dissertation and thesis on time.

TranscriptionStar and University Transcripts:

Research and thesis transcription has never been a new show to TranscriptionStar, thorough to the atoms and molecules of the process; we have been consistently assisting the student community of Dartmouth University. To ensure that the transcription process should never slow down the momentum of your research works, we make sure that our TAT is very fast and on time – a vital concern for any university student with immediate submission deadlines.

APZ University Transcrition

Dartmouth College
Located at
6016 McNutt Hall
NH 03755.

Our Strengths

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Advanced transcription software
  • Expertise with various file formats
  • Stunning outputs even with lesser inputs
  • Well-formatted, precisely presented text files.
  • Adhering to the University standards

TranscriptionStar is a forerunner in the transcription industry. University projects demands a great amount of attentiveness and planning with consistency and clarity. Our renowned transcription service can help students lighten this heavy stack. The students of the university provide us with the necessary dissertation materials so that we transcribe them into text at the least time with utmost accuracy ever possible. The students provide us with materials like audio research, video research, reference books, student notes, research materials etc.

The End Result:

TranscriptionStar helped Ms.Gegeria submit her research works on time. The rating for the service has been.

  • Accessibility: Receptive, working around the clock, 24*7*365 days
  • Rapidity: Swift TAT options, Rush hour services are available too.
  • Precision: Superior quality, precise transcripts with 100% accuracy
  • Experience: User-friendly with easy FTP file upload
  • Privacy: exceptional privacy measures using up-to-date technology
  • Windfall: Stunning student referral programs and group discounts.


Discount Programs

TranscriptionStar exploits best-in-class technology combined with real-time experienced and endorsed workforce. Our efficient transcribing helped the students of Dartmouth to achieve evocative astuteness from the records, promptly.

Simply send us the recordings and notes of your transcription in turn we will send you the transcribed texts. Never worry about the quality of the recordings or volume of the file. If your file size is too high for DU students can use the secure ftp available in our website. So now stay on schedule and on task while we take care of your transcription needs.

Call now at our toll-free / hotline @ 1-877 323 4707 You can also drop in your details in a tiny form so that we can call you back.

Client Speak:

    "Excellent work. Very neat transcripts and ready to be used as per the university standards. Thank you" – Student from the Michigan state university.

    "Best bargains our group saved a lot on our expenses thank you" –a student from university of Delaware

    "Self explanatory uploads and a very quick transcripts" – a student from Chicago university

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Discount Offer
Refer our services to your friends and get huge discounts! Learn more about our offer...
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