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At Transcriptionstar we understand the awning need for errorless text transcripts of recorded speech. The dime a dozen, speech to text applications, have done little or nothing to cater to the huge need for speech transcription services, the world over. We offer speech transcribing services that are not just more accurate than all the speech conversion softwares out there but also a lot more affordable than one!

Our footprints are everywhere!

Transcriptionstar offers speech transcription services to professionals and fields as wide ranging and diverse, as a physician running a busy practice, or a filmmaker working on his pet project! We give you the choice of chasing your dreams and on dedicating more time and energy on your profession, by taking care of all your audio to text conversion needs.

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Look no further! Transcriptionstar provides flawless transcripts at rates that don't burn a hole in your pocket! Visit us at transcriptionstar.com or contact us directly. Get free expert guidance. Let's talk today!

We have an answer to all your concerns

"I don't have the time to proof my text transcripts"

If you hardly have time to wolf down breakfast leave alone proofing your text transcripts, we understand. Our flawless transcripts can save you the headache and monotony of proof reading and editing transcripts.

"I am scared of my speech transcription services bill"

Transcriptionstar offers prices that are priced to fit in budgets that are tighter than a closed fist! If you are planning to reduce and save on costs, working with us can be a huge step in the right direction. Our prices are delightfully low, and, talk to text transcription services has never been more approachablypriced.

"I am uncomfortable working with someone who works miles away"

We are available at all times you need to talk to us, and our years of experience in the industry means you don't have to do much talking. We understand and are tuned into your needs. And we are there for you 24x7! What are the chances of your in house speech transcriber of attending a call from you in the wee hours of the morning on a weekend? At Transcriptionstar we are there to help, support and take your orders anytime you give us a call.

What are you waiting for? Dial 1877 323 4707 for speech to text conversion services that are all that you ever wanted!

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Recent Endorsement by our valuable clients
Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 270 reviews
  • Terrenda C. White

    University of Colorado-Boulder, New York
    Reviewed about transcriptionstar.com

    Written on rated 5/ 5stars

    "Transcription Star was excellent. I had a difficult audio that needed transcribing and they worked with me to transcribe the file at a reasonable rate.Very professional and thorough given the difficulty of the file. I was pleased."

  • Terrenda C. White

    Joan Ganz Cooney Center, New York
    Reviewed about transcriptionstar.com

    Written on rated 4/ 5stars

    " We have used Transcriptionstar for several big projectsand probably over 50 interviews. They have an extremely quick turnaround, and Andrew and the team are also very responsive to emails and requests. The system to upload audio and retrieve files is very simple. They are also very responsive to your concerns and additional requests. Great customer service!"

  • Terrenda C. White

    The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York
    Reviewed about transcriptionstar.com

    Written on rated 5/ 5stars

    " Very efficient, solid reviews. Would use their service again "

  • Terrenda C. White

    American Museum Of National History, New York
    Reviewed about transcriptionstar.com

    Written on rated 5/ 5stars

    "I have worked with them for years and been always impressed with their speed and results."

  • Terrenda C. White

    Downeast Company & Video LLC, California
    Reviewed about transcriptionstar.com

    Written on rated 4/ 5stars

    "Very good and accurate. Jolly Good Show, Beats me doing it myself 4.5 hours"

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