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You can now calculate your cost before you allocate your work.

Our Revolutionary Transcription Rates: $12 to $14 per hour of effort.

Without compromising on quality, we have different Turnaround (TAT) packages to suit your individual needs. Additional charges apply for Rush and Super Rush TATs.

The Cost Estimation Process:

Transcription rates are calculated on an hourly basis. The category of recording and the effort involved are factors considered in evaluating the price.

Recording Quality Evaluation:

The quality of the Audio recording and the services we provide vary. The audio files are classified into 3 categories as follows

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Category A:

A verbatim transcription is provided with standard formatting. Time coding is Not provided.

Category B:

  • Group discussions, Telephone recordings, Multiple speakers
  • Background noise, Technical subject matter, Outdoor recording, Low quality digital files
  • Speakers using English as a second language
  • Poor Recording quality due to inferior equipment.

A subjective transcription is provided with specialized formatting as requested. Standard time coding is provided.

Category C:

  • Multiple speakers with voice overlaps, Heavy background noise that interferes with the speech
  • Heavy accent, Defective Recordings

A specification based transcription is provided with specialized formatting (MS Excel, Web browser based applications etc). Time coding is provided depending on requirement.

Effort evaluation:

Our past experience has enabled us to assess the amount of effort involved in transcribing recordings of different categories. The transcription process involves, converting speech to text, proof reading and editing. The time requirement for quality check will vary from case to case.

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Category A : 4 to 5 hours of effort per hour of audio recording.

Category B : 6 to 8 hours of effort per hour of audio recording.

Category C : Will vary depending on the sound quality and special formatting requirements.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

  • We accept PayPal.
  • A service charge of  3% is charged for all payments made via PayPal or Google Checkout.
  • A minimum amount of  $50 is charged for all audio transcriptions.
  • Non-corporate customers and individual clients are required to make an advance payment of 50% of the total bill at the discretion of transcriptionstar.
  • Additional charges will apply for transcriptions done during weekends and holidays.
  • Click here for detailed Terms and Conditions.
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Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 270 reviews
  • Terrenda C. White

    University of Colorado-Boulder, New York
    Reviewed about transcriptionstar.com

    Written on rated 5/ 5stars

    "Transcription Star was excellent. I had a difficult audio that needed transcribing and they worked with me to transcribe the file at a reasonable rate.Very professional and thorough given the difficulty of the file. I was pleased."

  • Terrenda C. White

    Joan Ganz Cooney Center, New York
    Reviewed about transcriptionstar.com

    Written on rated 4/ 5stars

    " We have used Transcriptionstar for several big projectsand probably over 50 interviews. They have an extremely quick turnaround, and Andrew and the team are also very responsive to emails and requests. The system to upload audio and retrieve files is very simple. They are also very responsive to your concerns and additional requests. Great customer service!"

  • Terrenda C. White

    The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York
    Reviewed about transcriptionstar.com

    Written on rated 5/ 5stars

    " Very efficient, solid reviews. Would use their service again "

  • Terrenda C. White

    American Museum Of National History, New York
    Reviewed about transcriptionstar.com

    Written on rated 5/ 5stars

    "I have worked with them for years and been always impressed with their speed and results."

  • Terrenda C. White

    Downeast Company & Video LLC, California
    Reviewed about transcriptionstar.com

    Written on rated 4/ 5stars

    "Very good and accurate. Jolly Good Show, Beats me doing it myself 4.5 hours"

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