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Audio Recording Tips For Transcription


The clarity and sound quality of an audio file contributes greatly to the accuracy of the transcription. If the recording is not clear then the transcriptionists have to spend a lot of time and effort in deciphering the spoken words and transcribing accurate text. The rates of most transcription companies vary depending on the sound quality of the audio files. By following a few tips when recording an audio file, you can reduce your transcription charges.

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The following tips will help you to produce good quality audio files and keep the bill as low as possible:

  • Minimize background noise. Background sounds are the main deterrent of a good audio. Record your audio in a closed, soundproof room. Remove or switch off anything that creates sound like creaking chairs, ticking clocks, buzzing tube lights, noisy fans or air conditioners etc.
  • Inform the participants about the recording and advise them to avoid unnecessary sounds and against talking at the same time.
  • Use quality voice recording equipment.
  • Invest in a digital voice recorder (superior audio recording quality and ease of distribution of recorded material make the digital transcription process more efficient and cost-effective).
  • Familiarize yourself with the equipment completely.
  • Conduct sound checks just before recording (record a few words, and then listen to make sure the voice recording is clear).
  • Try to place the microphones close to the main speakers.
  • Avoid using hand-held or personal recorder dictation devices.
  • For cassette transcription, always make sure the tape is wound ahead so as not to miss initial segments of audio voice recordings.
  • Set speed control to 'fast'. This produces better quality voice recordings. Your transcription costs will be less if you use faster recording speeds and more tapes.
  • Don't use 120-minute cassette tapes. These are too fragile to withstand the constant forward and reverse action of transcribing machines and transcription equipment.
  • Standard sized cassette tapes produce better quality voice recordings than mini or microcassettes. Always use good quality tapes for your recordings.
  • Request your speakers to speak clearly and loudly. Clearly repeating names of people, places, websites etc. that the transcriptionists might not be familiar with, enables the transcription service provider to deliver accurate transcripts, eliminating the need for the client to review the transcripts.
  • For technical transcription, legal transcription, medical transcription, financial transcription and the like, it is always advisable to send the transcriptionists a list of general terms or jargon used in the voice recording.
  • Use shorter audio recordings or shorter tapes to reduce transcription turnaround time. The greater the number of transcriptionists assigned to a project; the faster it can be completed.

Follow these tips as much as possible and ensure better and accurate transcription by improving sound quality and minimizing incidental noise.

Transcriptionstar provides you with transcription rates that are a fraction of the cost of other transcription companies without compromising on the quality.

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